Simple Stuff Works webinar co-hosted by EnaTech Hub and Anna Waugh

Simple Stuff Works provides high-quality education and therapeutic positioning equipment with a goal to prevent and treat problems associated with body shape distortion. 

We had an amazing webinar with Anna Waugh who introduced SimpleStuffWorks and its history to our Singapore colleagues, therapists and doctors. Anna is passionate about postural care and shared her knowledge and experience as well as UK perspective on the problem. 

Simple Stuff Works is the company with which we share the same passion to provide the best possible lives for those with special needs - Simple Stuff Works - family run UK based company. Their team is comprised of highly experienced professionals, having written some of the leading research into Postural Care and its effects. 

We had the privilege of introducing Simple Stuff Works to almost 60 therapists, clinicians and even few caregivers this week and very excited to be bringing their products to Singapore. 

Reach out to us to request the brochure and catalogue or Whatsapp us +65 8798 4609

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