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Headrest BodyMap® DHeadrest BodyMap® D
Seat cushion BodyMap® ASeat cushion BodyMap® A
Back cushion BodyMap® BBack cushion BodyMap® B
Positioning chair BodyMap® AB
Butterfly headrest BodyMap® DXButterfly headrest BodyMap® DX
Straight headrest BodyMap® DYStraight headrest BodyMap® DY
Triangular headrest BodyMap® DZTriangular headrest BodyMap® DZ
Stabilizing mattress BodyMap® KStabilizing mattress BodyMap® K
Cushion stabilizing the upper limbs BodyMap® MCushion stabilizing the upper limbs BodyMap® M
Feet correction cushion BodyMap® N
Stabilizing roller BodyMap® OStabilizing roller BodyMap® O
Self-adhesive function
Granules – WGGranules – WG
BodyMap Granules – WG
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Electric pump BM_003Electric pump BM_003
Manual dual-function pump BM_004Manual dual-function pump BM_004
Electric dual-function pump BM_005Electric dual-function pump BM_005
Aerating-massaging pad – PMNAerating-massaging pad – PMN

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