Relaxation and Calming rooms

    Multi-Sensory Rooms to promote relaxation and calming

    Whilst we almost always advocate and encourage an interactive approach in our Multi-Sensory environments we also accept that in some cases an interactive control system may not be necessary. When a space is being used for relaxation or calming purposes it is acceptable that carers or school staff operate equipment on behalf of the client.


    Relaxation Multi-Sensory Rooms

    This option is very common in care of the elderly environments, where relaxation is the primary reason for use of the environment.

    Safe Rooms

    Safe rooms are designed to provide a safe environment to keep children and young people who have challenges with regulating their behaviour from hurting themselves. The walls and floors are made from foam covered in reinforced hard wearing vinyl. They are generally coloured to prevent a clinical look and have very little else in the space to limit sensory overload and to allow the child or young person to begin to self regulate and calm. Other equipment, such as a sound system can be installed if this is judged to aid the calming process.

    Any of our Multi-Sensory rooms can be adapted by adding a switch control system at a later date if the primary function of the room changes.


    Switch and Controllers

    As with all our Multi-Sensory rooms and environments each of our Multi-Sensory pool environments is unique and planned carefully with you to meet the needs of your users, your space and your budget.

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