Selecting a Special Needs Stroller in Singapore

Special needs seating, such as wheelchairs and strollers, are especially important for children with disabilities who spend a significant amount of time sitting. Children with disabilities may spend many hours each day in wheelchairs or strollers, and it is crucial that the seating is properly adjusted and configured to support their posture, alignment and comfort.

Sitting in a poorly designed seating can lead to a number of health issues like pressure ulcers, body deformation, poor circulation and need for additional avoidable surgeries. Special needs seating can help to prevent these issues by providing proper support and positioning, which can allow the child to sit comfortably and safely for longer periods of time. It also allows them to be more mobile and participate in activities with their peers, which can improve their social and emotional well-being

Special needs seating is important in preserving posture because it allows individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities to sit in a position that supports their unique needs and promotes proper alignment of the spine. This type of seating can include features such as adjustable backrests, contoured seating surfaces, and positioning straps to ensure that the individual is supported in a comfortable and stable position.

Proper posture can help to reduce the risk of pain and injury, as well as improve breathing, digestion, and overall function. Additionally, special needs seating can also help to promote independence and self-care for individuals with disabilities, as well as improve their social interactions and participation in daily activities.

Tilt-in-space feature allows a rehabilitation stroller to adjust the angle of the seat and backrest, which can help redistribute pressure on the user's body, reducing the risk of pressure sores. It also allows for changes in position to promote better breathing, digestion and circulation. Additionally, it can also help with improving range of motion and overall comfort for the user.

Adjustability: Look for a stroller that can be customised and adjusted to accommodate the child's unique needs and growth. This includes options for positioning, support and accessories i.e. hip support, laterals, headrest and individual footplates. If the child has moderate to high postural needs, The Bingo Evolution stroller is a great option as it offers a wide range of adjustability options to support the child's posture and positioning. EnaTech Hub in Singapore carries a wide range of special needs strollers with various adjustability options.

Safety: Make sure the stroller has safety features such as a harness and sturdy frame to ensure the child is secure while in the stroller as well as a tie-down kit should the child need to be seated in the stroller during transportation. Safety is a top priority for EnaTech Hub when it comes to special needs strollers.

Comfort: Look for a stroller that provides a comfortable and supportive seating surface for the child, which can reduce fatigue and improve the child's overall comfort.

Durability: Consider a stroller that is made with high-quality materials and can withstand frequent use.

Manoeuvrability: Consider a stroller that is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making it ideal for use in a variety of settings such as home, school, therapy, and travel.

Foldability: If you plan to travel often, choose a stroller that can be folded for easy transportation and storage. Ideally, a seat that can be detached from the stroller base to minimise the weight and strain on the caregiver. One great option to look for is the Hoggi Bingo from EnaTech Hub, as it can be folded easily and has a detachable seat.

HOGGI - BINGO Evolution

Brand and Service: It is important to purchase your special needs stroller from an official brand representative in order to ensure proper service and access to spare parts. Buying from an unofficial or third-party seller may not provide the same level of customer service and support, which could make it difficult to obtain spare parts if needed. By buying from an official brand representative such as EnaTech Hub in Singapore, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will have access to proper service and support, as well as spare parts if necessary. This will ensure that your special needs stroller is well-maintained and can be used for the long-term, providing safe and comfortable seating for your child.

Child's needs: The most important factor to consider when choosing a special needs stroller is the child's specific needs. Consider the child's mobility level, size, and any medical conditions that need to be accommodated. Sometimes, we want small foldable stroller but if it has poor affect on the spine pr posture, there's certain sacrifices we have to consider.

Hoggi | Bingo Evolution | Tadpole Adaptive

Demo and Consultation: It is important to have a hands-on experience with the special needs stroller before making a purchase. EnaTech Hub in Singapore offers the option to schedule a demo and consultation appointment. During this appointment, you can test out different strollers and get personalized recommendations based on your child's needs.

You can also invite your in-care therapists to join the appointment for a more comprehensive evaluation. Enatechhub also offers to train the whole care circle on how to operate the stroller properly and safely. This will ensure that everyone involved in the child's care is comfortable and familiar with the stroller, providing a safe and comfortable seating option for your child.

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