Hoggi Webinar to Amazing Bunch of Local Therapists


Recently, we held a webinar with German mobility experts, Hoggi.

On the webinar, we had 47 therapists from various hospitals, special education schools, and rehabilitation centres. The session lasted an hour and covered a brief intro from Hoggi which showed their range of wheelchairs, strollers, walkers and soon to be released products.


Following that, they gave a live demo on some of their strollers which included their best seller, Bingo Evolution along with the extensive range of accessories available to support moderate to complex cases, the high growth capacity that allows for many years of use and introduced the hi/lo modular system that allows the seat from the stroller to be used in the modular system for better positioning and support during activity and meal times.


Finally, they also showcased their Zip which is a lightweight, sporty and compact stroller that has a great range of accessories and suited more for moderate cases. 
The overall feedback was extremely positive and we look forward to hosting future webinars with our other suppliers from Europe.

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