EnaTech - Enabling Technology

We offer a range of selected therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment and accessories for children with special motor and sensory development requirements

Focused on both modern technology, research and medical findings and traditional rehabilitation and intervention in the field of early intervention for kids with cerebral palsy, nerve palsy, stroke, autistic spectrum and other special needs.

Support in-home therapies and consult hospitals and clinics for global equipment sourcing including rehabilitation therapy robotics, software, virtual reality, traditional sensory integration techniques from Asia and Europe.

Enabling Technology Hub - Better Tools For Progress

We believe that every child should have access to high-quality products that provide the greatest comfort and mobility to enable them to reach new highs. Our products are carefully chosen from some of the biggest brands. Our sizes range from newborn to teenagers. If we don’t have your size we will endeavour to do our best to bring it in for you.


Dr. Leonid Kirnus

Managing Director

Dr. Kirnus is a seasoned global businessman with more than 30 years of experience building successful start-up to multi-million dollar businesses in both the medical and hi-tech space. As well as having international experience in the distribution and sales of medical equipment.

A doctor in Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Medicine, General Surgery Specialisation; Bachelor’s Degree, Small Business Administration/Management and a Master’s Degree, Law, LLM



Alina Preston

Marketing Director
Extensive international marketing and management experience in both private and public companies, bringing companies from zero to crossborder operating multinational organisations with high volume revenue. Master of Law (LLM), Master of Science (Msc), International Business (Specialising in Marketing)

Ash Preston

Co-Founder of EnaTech Hub

Global experience in leading sales operations for turnaround and high-growth IT organisations. Developed market entry sales strategies throughout Asia Pacific, Subcontinent and the Middle East in both regional start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Extensive expertise in introducing new technologies and platforms to the market.



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