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Size: K6/1
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6 POINTS SAFETY VEST – is a vest stabilizing the trunk. It has a wide adjustment range, which makes it easier to fit it to the user. The vest is made of an easily washable fabric and has a soft cotton inside which prevents the patient’s skin from abrasions and injuries.

Thanks to the use of fastening straps it can be used together with BodyMap® cushions in order to prevent the patient from slipping out and also to stabilize the patient. In addition, there is a possibility of quick adjustment of the vest to the patient’s body with the help of handles. If necessary, you can easily unbuckle the vest.

Size Table

SYMBOL A B C How to measure
K6/1 23 – 33 cm 32 – 26 cm 3 cm
K6/2 27 – 37 cm 34 – 40 cm 3 cm
K6/3 32 – 44 cm 40 – 44 cm 3 cm

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