Cushion stabilizing the upper limbs BodyMap® M


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BodyMap® M cushion is an excellent product in addition to a daily rehabilitation. If your patient uses our standing frame, wheelchair or positioning chair with a table, you can mount our cushion on it and continue the therapy!

You can shape the cushion according to the patient’s needs, so you can place and maintain the hands and forearms in the required position.

Our cushion precisely corrects upper limb deformations.

The BodyMap® M cushion is laminated with high quality elastic polyester.

Optionally, at the customer’s request, the cushion can be equipped with a self-adhesive fabric at the bottom, which makes it possible to attach various elements with the use of Velcro to it. Thanks to that function, stabilizing the patient or mounting the cushion in any place, e.g. in a stroller, chair or car seat, is now possible. Additionally, the self-adhesive function prevents the cushion from moving.


Each BodyMap® product can be custom-made.

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