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As far as additional equipment is concerned, BodyMap® system is equipped with bags. They contain granules and they are available in two sizes. Bags are created so as to have control over the amount of granules in BodyMap® cushions. It is highly beneficial due to the fact that it is possible to adjust BodyMap® cushions to user’s needs. It is necessary to take the size of BodyMap® cushion into account while choosing the size of bag with granules. BodyMap® cushion has to be equipped with service valve in order to pour in or take out granules. Service valve is situated at the back of BodyMap® cushion thanks to which it is not very visible and, moreover, it is not an obstacle while using the product. What is more, it is really easy to use it – you just need to unscrew cork and either pour in or take out specific amount of granules. 

Bags are available in two sizes:

  • Small bag
    • dimensions 18 x 26 cm
    • 50 g of granules
  • Big bag
    • dimensions 28 x 48 cm
    • 200 g of granules

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