LECKEY Leeway Pelvic Cradle


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Leeway Pelvic Cradle is an ergonomically designed pelvic harness which increases pelvic stability for wheelchair users, thereby improving upper body function and comfort.

Age 4 to Adult - comes in 4 different sizes 

Inspired by the harnesses used in windsurfing, Leeway Pelvic Cradle is for individuals who would benefit from increased pelvic stability and control. 

Leeway's snug fit provides unsurpassed proprioceptive feedback which, combined with the 4 point attachment, holds and supports the individual giving them confidence to move their centre of gravity freely. 

This improves their dynamic sitting ability and increases their sideways and forward reach, whilst keeping their base of support stable.

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Technical Overview 

Key Product Dimensions:
Size 1:
Hip Circumference 600mm-800mm
Hip Width 250mm-350mm
Size 2:
Hip Circumference 700mm-950mm
Hip Width 300mm-400mm
Size 3:
Hip Circumference 850mm-1100mm
Hip Width 350mm-450mm
Size 4:
Hip Circumference 950mm-1300mm
Hip Width 400mm-500mm

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