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The Mygo Seating System allows therapists to optimise the postural care of children with moderate to complex special needs - and it's now available in 3 sizes.

  • The leg guides can be adjusted for leg length differences including those caused by a fixed pelvic rotation
  • Ramped one piece base cushion to support the ischial tuberosities
  • Flexible sacral support assists in the correction or accommodation of pelvic tilt
  • Pelvic Cradle with independent hip guides provides proximal positioning

Features & Benefits

Fabric Options

Colour Options - each cover pack will include the following cushions: backrest cushion, seat base cushion, sacral cushion, and upper leg cushions (Size 1 only).

Size Guide

Available in 3 sizes.

Product sizing   Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
    mm inches mm inches mm inches
Age (Years) Min. 3 8 10
  Max. 10 14 16
User Height Min. 1050 41 1270 50 1500 59
  Max. 1500 59 1680 66 1750 69
User Weight Min. 18kg / 40lbs 18kg / 40lbs 18kg / 40lbs
  Max. 50kg / 110lbs 60kg / 132lbs 70kg / 154lbs

Chassis Options


Pelvic Stability
Seat Shell
Trunk & Head Alignment
Leg & Foot Positioning 
Chassis and Mobility Interface and Other Accessories

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