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A revolutionary elliptical trainer which helps improve strength and functional ability by facilitating pedalling in an upright extended position.

  • Targets and strengthens anti-gravity muscles
  • Facilitates movement in an upright extended, rather than flexed, position
  • Elliptical action provides a sensori-motor experience similar to gait
  • Leckey Connect App measures progress and motivates child

Product Overview

Explore a new world of improved strength and function

MyWay Pedal is an elliptical trainer which attaches to the size 2 and 3 MyWay frame. It helps improve strength and functional ability and is ideal for giving kids the opportunity to be active and have fun.

MyWay Pedal targets and strengthens anti-gravity muscles to help reduce the risk of hip and knee contractures developing and improve function. Pedalling in an upright extended position targets and strengthens anti-gravity muscles (calf, quads and hamstring)- unlike a trike which encourages a flexed position, the upright position of MyWay Pedal ensures the quads are worked exactly where strength is often lacking, at the end of range. Working the end of range will reduce the risk of hip and knee contractures and limit the potential for deterioration in standing and walking ability.

MyWay Pedal provides a sensori-motor experience similar to gait- it facilitates an elliptical action which is more like stepping, to help support gait therapy goals. Unlike the circular motion of cycling, the elliptical pedalling of MyWay Pedal gives an extended stretch of the lower limbs as it involves a longer forwards/backwards movement rather than an up/down movement. It helps improve loading around the hip to aid joint development.

MyWay Pedal can be used in conjunction with the Leckey Connect App to chart performance and motivate the child. The app provides a valuable way of measuring performance and progress on a child’s speed, distance and duration of elliptical pedalling.

Features & Benefits

Size Guide

Please note the following size guide refers to the MyWay of which the pedal is a component.

The MyWay Pedal is currently unavailable for Size 1 Frame.

Frame Size 2 3
Age (approx.) 4-11 9-16
User Shoulder Height (to floor) (mm) 870-1190 1070-1490
User Saddle Height (inside leg) (mm) 400-610 550-810
Max. User Weight (kg) 50 80
Frame Weight (kg) 6.5 9.5
Upper Support Unit Weight (kg) 10.5 11
Frame Width 670 720
Frame Length 850 1100


Harness Size Age (approx.) Waist at Navel Level (cm) Max. User Weight (kg) Colour
1 1-4 46-56 50 Purple
2 2-6 50-60 50 Green
3 5-9 55-65 50 Blue
4 8-12 60-70 80 Red
5 12-15 70-80 80 Orange
6 16-18 80-90 80 Grey


Please note- the maximum user weight for MyWay is determined by the combination of frame and harness sizes selected- the maximum user weight is the lower of these limits. For example, if a Size 3 frame and a Size 3 harness are selected, the maximum user weight is 50kg, as determined by the harness limit. 

Eli's Progress with MyWay Pedal

When Eli first trialled MyWay Pedal, he needed help to move the pedals and could not propel more than 2-3 revolutions. After just 6 weeks, Eli was able to have fun and play a game in the playground!

Useful Downloads

Leckey MyWay Pedal with Leckey Connect useful downloads.

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