LECKEY Squiggles Early Activity System


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  • Age0-36 Months
  • Complexitymild - Complex
  • The Early Activity System is designed to be used as part of a programme of early intervention to maximise a child’s future potential.
  • The product consists of a number of soft, bright rolls, wedges, straps and supports, which when used in combination with the Activity Development Programme by therapists and parents, enhance the development of babies and young infants.

  • Posture & Function

    Early Intervention can help with physical, cognitive and sensory development, and can help to maximise a child’s future potential.

      • The supine position (or back lying) is the first developmental stage for babies. In this posture baby learns the building blocks for more complicated postures.
      • The prone position (or tummy lying) is next.  The Early Activity System’s modular components mean you can easily adapt the system to suit the posture you are working on.
    • Sitting is encouraged through the use of the horseshoe support, but additional back and head support can be provided using the rolls and straps for those who find this a challenging position.  
    • Technical Overview

      0-36 Months  Mild to Complex
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