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Car Seat Baffin .1


The child car seat Baffin .1 has been designed with particular emphasis on the needs of children with weakened muscles. Baffin .1 has been tested by the TÜV SÜD laboratory and is approved as a "Disabled Restraint System". This is confirmed by the letter "S" and the words "special needs restraint" on our orange approval plate.

The product has been approved in accordance with the Regulation No. 44 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE) - Uniform provisions for the approval of child restraint systems in power-driven vehicles.


1.  Baffin .1 grows with the child.

Baffin .1 car seat is designed for children weighing 9-36 kg.
The seat is adjustable in three planes. You can adjust the width and height of the backrest and the depth of the seat.
Baffin.1 is designed and approved for use in the following "weight groups":

  • Group I for children of mass from 9 to 18 kg,
  • Group II for children of mass from 15 to 25 kg,
  • Group III for children of mass from 22 to 36 kg.

2.  Support for the disabled. A set of additional pillows and belts provides excellent positioning for children with weakened tone.

3.  Makes it easier to put the child in the seat. Easy access to the seat when inserting a passenger is possible thanks to a rotating platform. Especially helpful for children weighing over 18 kg.

Important information on installing the seat and buckling in your child

  1. In group I (9-18 kg), the seat is mounted with the three-point car seat belts + the child is fastened in the seat with the inner 5-point harness. Items 1 and 2 of the User's Manual.
  2. In group II (15-25 kg) and III (22-36 kg), the seat is fastened and the child fastened using three-point car seat belts. For children over 18 kg, remove the 5-point harness. Section 3 and 4 of the Operating Instructions.
  3. For children of mass from 15 kg to 18 kg, ALWAYS use the 5-point harness described in section 2 of the User's Manual.

Special Features

How is Baffin .1 different from regular car seats sold in baby supply stores?
Accessories, support systems for people with disabilities, rotating platform tested and approved for use by people with disabilities.

What does it mean?
The child car seat Baffin .1 TOGETHER with REHA accessories has undergone crash tests, thanks to which we know that in the event of an accident all elements of the seat, including those intended for disabled children and the seat itself meet strict regulations.

EXCEPTION: we only use the table during parking. The table has not been crash-tested and is not intended for use while the car is moving.


Car Seat Baffin .1

1. Rotating platform that makes it easier for children to get into the seat. Especially helpful for children of mass over 18 kg.

2. Footrest with height and angle adjustment,

3. Systems of additional support:

   a) additional backrest cushion - a cushion with side support that enables stable side support for very slim children,
   b) additional seat cushion - allows to reduce the width of the seat,
   c) additional headrest upholstery - used when the child's head requires additional side support,
   d) chest strap - is used for additional supporting the chest (torso),
   e) leg abduction belts - 2 pcs - are used to abduct the lower limbs.

4. Table - accessory to be used only when parked. It is forbidden to use the table while the car is moving. The rack has not been crash-tested.

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