Sitting positioning cushion with thigh abduction wedge and lateral supports BodyMap® A+


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BodyMap® A+ – a sitting cushion with high lateral supports and a thigh abduction wedge. Our cushion helps keep a proper sitting position. A special abduction wedge reduces contractures of adductors and maintains the legs in the required position. An anatomic shape and lateral supports of the BodyMap® A+ cushion prevent the anterior pelvic tilt which provides comfort for bony prominences such as coccyx and sitting bones. This solution reduces the risk of bedsores.

Our BodyMap® A+ cushion is the great product for people with neurological conditions and as an orthopedic prophylaxis after e.g. hip replacement.

The BodyMap® A+ cushion is laminated with high quality elastic polyester.

Optionally, at the customer’s request, the cushion can be equipped with a self-adhesive fabric at the bottom, which makes it possible to attach various elements with the use of Velcro to it. Thanks to that function, stabilizing the patient or mounting the cushion in any place, e.g. in a stroller, chair or car seat, is now possible. Additionally, the self-adhesive function prevents the cushion from moving.


In each of the cushions there is a possibility to make utility holes of any shape and size. The holes allow eg. installation of stabilizing belts, vests, etc.


  • Bedsores
  • Contracture of the adductor muscles of the hip
  • Neurogenic disease with increased muscle tension within the pelvis
  • Hip replacement


  • Shaped form last for a long time
  • Easy to give a demanded shape
  • Possibility of mounting the cushion in a wheelchair, positioning chair, chair or in a car seat
  • Optional cover made of VISmemo™ thermoactive foam
  • Self-adhesive function (optional)
  • Waterproof

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