Talkback Board


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A fantastic interactive board which records any six sounds using the inbuilt microphone and then enables each sound to be allocated to one of six illuminated switch pads on the circular surround. The user plays back the sounds by pressing the appropriate panel, as indicated by suitable images overlaid on clear film over the switch pads. The six recorded sounds are saved to a memory bank and can be recalled at any time: eight banks enable a total of 48 different recorded sounds to be saved at any one time. The centrally mounted control panel includes a removable mirror cover that conceals the panel and restricts access to the recording buttons and microphone.

The surround is manufactured from the same high quality components and nylon-reinforced vinyl as the rest of our Softplay items while the mirror cover is soft and unbreakable. The Talkback Board encourages understanding of cause and effect, choice making, social communication and interactive play.

Designed to be fixed to the wall and supplied with wall fixing brackets, it operates on 240v transformed to a safe low voltage.

Size: 1000mm Dia. x D90mm.

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