Touch Bubble Tube


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Simply touching the column of this bubble tube brings it to life, activating bubbles and colours, and encouraging communication, exploration of cause and effect (without the use of a switch), and  helping to develop tracking skills. A single button switch enables you to select one of three programmes: momentary, latched or interactive.

  • Momentary: the Touch Bubble Tube illuminates and bubbles when the column is touched
  • Latched: The Touch Bubble Tube illuminates and bubbles after a single touch and then switches off when touched a second time
  • Interactive: choose a colour by touching the bubble tube column on a side corresponding to the colour quadrant on the Softplay plinth - the Touch Bubble Tube illuminates and bubbles constantly

The Touch Bubble Tube comes complete with a Softplay Plinth and its own wall fixing bracket.

Size: H1500mm x W750mm x D750mm.


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