UV Sensory Bag


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  • A fantastic resource to brighten up your sensory room. Make lessons fun using UV reactive resources - why not make a collage using Fluorescent Markers and Sticky Notes? This sensory bag is an ideal way to introduce UV into any darkened environment.

    Contents (may vary):

    • 1 x Sensory Bag
    • 1 x UV Juggling Sticks
    • 6 x UV Bangles
    • 3 x Juggling Scarves
    • 5 x UV Groan Tubes
    • 4 x Spine Balls
    • 2 x UV Touchable Bubbles
    • 1 x Post-It Notes for Sensory Bags
    • 1 x 3m Rope Linelite Tubing
    • 1 x UV Pinpression
    • 1 x UV Portable Light
    • 1 x Glow Squidgie Ball

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