Visual Effects Sensory Bag


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  • This bag contains a whole range of effects that provide dramatic moving colour and altering shapes, mesmerizing and encouraging your child to concentrate on the reward. Ooze Tubes and Glitter Tubes provide slow movement while the Jump Bean Motion is quick and exciting. The Magnifying Glass, Kaleidoscope and Eyes Scopes are all visually stimulating. Bag size: H450mm x W350mm. Contents (may vary):

    • 1 x Sensory Bag

    • 4 x Jump Bean Motions

    • 1 x Spiral Tube

    • 3 x Ooze Tubes

    • 3 x Liquid Timers

    • 1 x Multi-Liquid Motion

    • 1 x Liquid Cell Timer

    • 1 x Twirly Tube

    • 2 x Dinki Glitter Tubes

    • 1 x Large Glitter Tube

    • 1 x Spiral Glitter Tube

    • 1 x Eye Scope

    • 3 x Liquid Timers

    • 1 x Spikey Flashing Ball

    • 1 x Wooden Magnifying Glass

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