Flux Posterior Walker HOGGI

EnaTech Hub exclusively brings to Singapore and Southeast Asia the FLUX - a chic walking aid, crafted and designed in Germany. Currently, available for pre-orders. 

This walker promotes natural walking movements and helps maintain an upright posture while maximising a child's daily functions.

The safety lock makes transporting the sturdy yet lightweight frame super easy. Rear height adjustments and height-adjustable grip bars allow FLUX to be accommodated to fast growing kids. 

With immaculate attention to detail, FLUX also features a complete range of stylish accessories to choose from.

    • Bumper wheels which protect furniture and door frames
    • Carrier, foldable; also carries a schoolbag
    • Dynamic hip control support
    • Sling seat
    • Hip and bottom pad
    • Forearm supports with hand grips
    • Friction brake
    • Driving brake hand control
    • Castor swivel lock
    • Anti-tippers
    • Fold up seat
    • Universal grips allow width adjustment of grip position
    • Basket
Technical Data FLUX 2



Total length

81 cm

88 cm

91 cm

Total width

69 cm

74 cm

78 cm

User weight

75 kg

75 kg

100 kg

Front/ Rear wheel diameter

15/20 cm

15/20 cm

15/20 cm

Seat height

44 cm

54 cm

58 cm

Unit Weight

6.8 kg

7.1 kg

9.1 kg