LECKEY Freestander

  • Age1-18
  • Complexitymoderate - Complex
  • The Leckey Freestander is a robust upright stander ideally suited to the classroom, therapy room or home.
  • The stander covers a large growth range and has adjustable chest, hip and knee supports to ensure that it meets a large range of clinical needs.

  • Posture & Function

    Research has shown that standing can improve bone density, motor abilities and reduce spasticity, tone and spasms.

  • The pelvis can be de-rotated using the belt, providing alignment over the base of support.

  •  The upper body is supported over the pelvis using the angle adjustable chest support.  
  • Technical Overview

    Size 1: Age 1.5-5 800-1151mm tall   
    Size 2: Age 4-10 1100-1448mm tall
    Size 3: Age 9-18 1400-1849mm tall
    Moderate to Complex
    Size 1:
    Chest Pad height: 526-851mm      
    Chest Width: 152-254mm
    Size 2:
    Chest Pad height: 1100-1448mm 
    Chest Width: 203-305mm
    Size 3:
    Chest Pad height: 1400-1849mm               
    Chest Width: 254-356mm