LECKEY Squiggles Seating System

Comfortable, supportive starter seating system which opens up a world of possibilities for little ones.

  • Specifically designed for the unique needs of young children
  • Low to the ground positioning possible for optimum interaction
  • Close proximal fit for maximum comfort
  • Fun, colourful design

Product Overview

Giving little ones the support they need to do big things.

Squiggles Seat is the perfect choice when it comes to a starter seating system. The comfort and support provided by Squiggles means kids can concentrate on doing the big things in life- eating dinner independently, watching a movie with siblings, using a tablet for homework, enjoying tabletop play…. Squiggles opens up a world of possibilities for little ones.

Squiggles is perfectly designed to meet the unique needs of young children. It is not a scaled down version of another seat- importantly, kids are not over-supported in Squiggles, helping them to reach their full developmental potential.

The one-piece seat base and adjustable sacral support can be used to accommodate flexion or encourage extension which is pertinent at this early stage. The optional contoured shoulder support is angle adjustable and helps bring the hands to midline.

Squiggles is ideal for child-to-child interaction as it can be positioned low to the ground. This helps maximise opportunities for inclusive play, learning and socialising at eye level, making it perfect for nursery, school and home environments.

Squiggles provides a snug, comfortable fit which kids love. This is achieved via the shape of the seat and back, the laterals with their fabric tip which wrap securely around the child and the way in which the 4-point pelvic harness integrates with the hip pad.

Features & Benefits

Fabric Options

Size Guide

Available in 1 size.

Product Sizing      
    mm Inches
Age (Approx)  1-5 Years    
Stature Min 750 29.5
  Max 1100 43.3
Max User Weight (kg/Lbs)   22Kg 48.4Lbs
Seat Depth Min 190 7.5
(Backrest to back of knee) Max 290 11.4
Seat width Min 160 6.3
Max 260 10.2
Hip Width Min 160 6.3
(Distance between hip guides)
  Max 220 8.7
Backrest Height Min 320 12.6
(Sitting shoulder height)
  Max 380 15
Backrest Height Min 420 16.5
(with shoulder support)
  Max 480 18.9
Chest Width Min 160 6.3
(Distance between laterals)
Knee Width Max 90 3.5
Distance between pommel & side of seat Min 190 7.5
Seat to Footplate Min 122.5 4.8
(Sole of foot to back of knee)
Seat to Floor Min 270 10
(Top of Seat to Floor (Hi-Low Chassis))
  Max 650 25
Backrest Angle Prone 10° 10°
  Recline 25° 25°
Footplate Angle Plantarflexion 10° 10°
  Dorsiflexion 10° 10°
Tray Size   460/560 18.1/22

Chassis Options

Squiggles can also be interfaced with a range of Mygo+ bases, offering more wheel type and chassis height adjustment options.

Options & Accessories

Useful Downloads

Leckey Squiggles Seat useful downloads.