Scooot Sit and Ride Firefly




Across these versions, there are three key positions.

• Crawl: Lying in prone, propelling with arms and feet 

• Scoot: Seated and self-propelling with feet 

• Ride: Seated and self-propelling using wheels 

• Pooosh: Seated in the ride configuration and being pushed by an adult using the push handle.

Scooot’s suitability depends on the child’s level of physical development, hip-width and leg-length. It is generally suitable for children aged 2-6 who are assessed at levels I – IV on the Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS).

Children benefit most from Scooot if they have levels of head and trunk control and an ability to floor sit with limited pelvic support. A child will find it difficult to use Scooot in any configuration if they have limited head and trunk control or sitting ability.

An Advanced Backrest Cushion is now also available to order with both versions of Scooot, or by itself as an accessory for those who already have a Scooot Seat. It provides an easy-to-attach cushioned backrest and detachable support laterals that wrap around the child’s trunk.

  • Suitable for kids aged approx. 2-6 years old with a max. user weight of 22kg.
  • Scooot can be used outside on flat, level surfaces such as concrete or wooden decking.
  • Different configurations for different abilities and different ways to play.
  • Your child will get the most out of Scooot if they are able to hold their own head up.

How Customers Use Scooot

Firefly Friend's Story

"It's given him such joy when we're out as he can look about and have some independence back!"

Firefly Friend's parent
United Kingdom

Wilson's Story

"Having some fun in the snow this morning. Good job he had his scooot to sit and cruise in."

Wilson's parent
United Kingdom

The Benefits of Scooot

More choices, more opportunities 

Scooot has four cool configurations: Scooot, Ride, Pooosh and Crawl.  Different configurations for different abilities and different ways to play. 

Play, Explore and Particapte

Scooot frees kids up to explore their home, play with pals, chase big brothers and race little sisters without any help. It facilitates play - a key factor in the early years of development in a child's life.

A Chance to Develop

Scooot provides an early experience of independence for lots of kids with mobility challenges. In doing so they will have opportunities for developing physical, cognitive, and sensory abilities while having great fun.


It's hard to watch your child sit-out the fun stuff if they have mobility problems, but it is tough being their arms and legs all day too. Scooot gives you both a little freedom.

What makes a Scooot?

Scooot contains all the parts you require to create your chosen configuration.

Scooot Backrest

Our improved higher backrest provides kids with more support and reduces the amount of trunk control needed to use Scooot. 

Push Pole 

This lets someone else do the hard work. If your child isn't ready to self propel yet (or they're just tired), attach the Pooosh handle.

Footplate & Wheels

Scooot's durable and easily gripped rubber tyres make is suitable for outdoor use. The footplate can be easily adjusted to your child's exact leg length.

Advanced Backrest Cushion

This optional extra that gives a supportive ‘hug’ to your child's trunk. The laterals move up and down to give support where it's needed. 

Scooot Size Guide

Scooot's suitablility depends on the child's level of physical development, hip width and leg-length. Scooot is available in one size only.

Size 4-in-1 Configuration
Approx age 2-6 years
User Weight
Seat base
Seat base
Hip to end of
footplate when seated
520mm/20.5" (not extended)
630mm/24.5" (fully extended)
Wheel arch