Workshops Recap

We had the privilege of hosting more than 50 therapists from various SPED schools in Singapore giving them the opportunity to test out all the differen pieces of equipment we have available.

It can be quite challenging for therapists to have the time to collaborate with their colleagues and actually take look at equipment independant of an assessment. We were able to strip many of the seating systems to their shells, allowing the therapists to really understand how each of these can support their students.

We discussed many different cases and how a particular piece of equipment can support them.

The 3 devices that stood out were the Mygo Seating and MyWay upright mobility deice and the Bingo. The highlight was watching several therapists try out the MyWay + Pedal allowing them to truly put themselves in their students shoes and get a real feeling of the benefits this could bring to them.

We can't wait to run more of these workshops as we continue to grow our portfolio.

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