Horizontal Positioning - Proper Posture When Lying Down. Webinar.
This month we held an interactive webinar with our UK partner, Symmetrikit where they demonstrated their sleeping & horizontal positioning system to our friends at KKH. 
We often disregard the importance of sleeping / laying in an optimal position and tend to only focus on seating and standing. Between 23%–46% of children with cerebral palsy experience sleep problems. Sleep problems experienced by children with cerebral palsy include difficulty in initiating and maintaining sleep, sleep-wake transition, sleep breathing disorders, sleep bruxism, excessive daytime sleeping, nightmares and sleep talking. 
Using a proper sleeping system could potentially help navigate some of these problems. Symmetrisleep is the World’s most popular in-bed sleep system; it provides dynamic support throughout the night when the body is most relaxed and susceptible to change. It is a proven system widely used to protect and improve body shape as well as function. For many, it provides relaxation, a better night's sleep and easier care.
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