Symmetrisleep Horizontal Positioning

Last week we ran a series of workshops focusing on the importance of night-time positioning

The main takeout is that

If a person spends many hours (night time and any lying down time) in a bad position, highly likely, that they will not be able to sustain good posture in seating, standing and walking




It may take some time to learn to lie straighter, so you may find that you can only use it for a couple of hours at first. Remember, that’s over 700 hours a year of good positioning! 

Safety Issues to consider: Breathing? Swallowing? Pain? Temperature? Pressure?

In a climate like Singapore, we need to also consider the temperature, using bolsters and towels to support a child presents several challenges, one being that it heats up the body, two they usually move throughout the night and finally, they don’t hold the correct position.

24-hour posture care management is a gentle, non-invasive, inexpensive way to promote health and quality of life for people with motor impairments. It can protect the shape of a person's body, help balance muscle tone, reduce pain, ease physical care, improve sitting posture and tolerance, and help people sleep better. But more often than not, we forget the importance of maintaining the correct posture when lying and sleeping. We traditionally focus on seating and standing.

Symmetrikit, a UK-headquartered company and, that has been designing sleep systems for 25 years flew to Singapore this week to run various workshops that identify the risks of 

Please, reach out to us or speak to therapists at AWWA, KKH, Rainbow, CPAS, and Wings about the positioning in lying. 


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