LECKEY Squiggles Stander

Versatile, supportive, compact stander which gives children a whole new view of the world.

  • Fun, bright, child-focused design
  • Highly adjustable, providing a personalised fit
  • Practical and easy to use for parents
3-in-1 stander, offering prone, upright and supine positioning

Product Overview

The perfect start to standing for little ones

The incredibly versatile and compact Squiggles Stander looks great without compromising on function. From joining in at the whiteboard in school, creating arts and crafts masterpieces, playing catch with siblings or singing in the choir with friends, Squiggles Stander gives children the support and independence they need to be able to join in, have fun and take in a whole new view of the world.

Squiggles’ fun, bright, minimalist design means it can blend into different environments whether this is at nursery, school or home. Furthermore, interacting with others at eye level is made easier due to Squiggles’ low to the ground positioning which helps children engage with their world from a different perspective and enjoy new experiences.

The adjustability offered by Squiggles Stander means a personalised fit can be achieved. The individually adjustable chest and pelvic supports are cushioned for comfort and adjust easily in height, width and angle. The ergonomic shape of the chest pad also maximises shoulder and upper limb function. Squiggles’ footplates are angle and depth adjustable to accommodate rotation at the hip or ankle and asymmetrically tight hamstrings. The footplate can be plantar flexed for tight gastrocnemius and leg length discrepancy can also be accommodated.

Squiggles is the perfect choice for home standing therapy- lightweight, simple to adjust, easily disassembled for storage and transportation, Squiggles is practical and easy for parents to use.

Features & Benefits

Fabric Options

Available in 3 fabric options.

Size Guide

Available in 1 size only.

  One Size Only
Age 1-5
User Height 730mm-1100mm (28.7”-43.3”)
Max. User Weight 22kg (48lbs)
Chest Support Height (footplate to armpit) 550mm-820mm (21.6”-32.2”)
Chest Width (distance between laterals) 160mm-230mm (6.2”-9”)
Chest Support Adjustment +/- 30˚ 50mm (1.9”) - Depth
Hip Support (height from footplate to midbuttocks) 300mm-530mm (11.8”-20.8”)
Hip Width (distance between hip guides) 160mm-230mm (6.2”-9”)
Distance between midline of knees 140mm-215mm (5.5”-8.4”)
Footplate Angle Plantarflexion 10° Dorsiflexion 10°
Tray Height (footplate to top of tray) 555mm-825mm (21.8”-32.4”) - Prone 480mm-825mm (18.8”-32.4”) - Supine
Tray Angle Adjustment 30˚ - Prone  40˚ - Supine

Useful Downloads

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