Symmetrisleep Sleep System


Long term therapy every night of the year

Symmetrisleep® works

  • In prone, supine, side or semi-side lying.
  • On a bed, a cot or in a double bed alongside a parent.
  • With profiling beds or with pressure relieving mattresses (passive or active)

Symmetrisleep is the World’s most popular in-bed sleep system; it provides dynamic support throughout the night, when the body is most relaxed and susceptible to change.

It is a proven system widely used to protect and improve body shape as well as function. For many it provides relaxation, a better nights sleep and easier care.

Symmetrisleep® is

  • Easy to clean and its one piece overmantle protects the mattress below from spillage.
  • Highly portable and easy to install, adjust or remove.
  • Fire retardant  There are systems for both domestic (ignition source 1,2) and institutional use (ignition source 5).

For better nights and better days


What does Symmetrisleep® do?

Symmetrisleep enables people with movement problems to learn to lie straight. Therapists are finding that it can prevent distortion of body shape or even correct established problems when used as part of a 24 hour Postural Care Programme.

The system allows a gentle progressive approach to complex problems. Elements can be introduced gradually during the day and night as tolerance builds. Symmetrisleep is the first and only system that has been designed to provide the bio-mechanical rotational forces to improve chest shape where the necessary forces can be gently applied to counteract rotation.

  • Adjustable, comfortable support for those who cannot move easily; family members and carers may be disturbed less frequently.
  • Improved comfort reduces abnormality of tone during the night for easier nights and better mornings.
  • Helps to maintain body symmetry and protects joints from the destructive  effects of gravity.
  • Infinitely adjustable for position, shape or age.
  • Easy to fit. Easy to  change between positions.
  • Our own ‘Engineered’ fabrics reduce point pressures, reduce skin humidity and provide active temperature regulation.

Symmetrisleep® is widely accepted because:

  • Therapists know it works.
  • Families love it – it’s easy to use.
  • Families and therapists recognise that it is a humane system, not a contraption.
  • It can be used at any age, in any position, in any bed.
  • Symmetrisleep will continue to work as a client grows or changes; although some parts may need changing over time, the system itself will never become redundant.
  • Symmetrikit has over 20 years of experience with these systems. We work hard to pass this knowledge on to families and therapists through our highly regarded training.
  • It actively regulates temperature.
  • Our sales team are highly trained and provide high levels of after sales service and support.


Supported by Symmetrisleep

With the Velcro sheet, pressure relieving Airmantle and stretchy sheet in place, the system is ready and the bed has a flat surface for easy transfer.

When the user is ready, the brackets and pillows that provide support are fitted. The system is quickly built up to support the client rather than having to fit the client to an existing form: carers find that it only takes a moment to get this right and fine adjustments can be made instantly.

Fitting the brackets is easy & intuitive with no fiddling about. Some carers prefer to fit them when the user has fallen asleep. Experience shows that even when away from home, staff quickly take instruction from parents on how to use the system successfully.

Remember- you can use Symmetrisleep by day as well as at night. If only used for 2 hours daily, that’s 730 hours of progressive passive therapy per year. If used for the whole night, that’s about 3000 hours at a time when the body is relaxed & most receptive.

Any mattress, any position, even sitting up!

What’s underneath?
Systems shown without Overmantle and top sheet.

Symmetrisleep wall charts

Custom settings charts help carers get it right

Choose a position and add the components as required. Brackets are colour coded and pillows have identification letters.

Symmetrisleep® and active temperature management

CoolOver TR3® and thermal comfort

CoolOver TR3 temperature regulating fabric contains tiny Omnitherm® microcapsules that absorb heat when your temperature rises and gives it back when your temperature falls, helping to maintain a more even temperature for a better nights sleep. Supersoft Coolover TR3 is unique to Symmetrikit and The Helping Hand Company: we have engineered this latest generation of active temperature regulating fabric to offer increased cooling capacity, enhanced microclimate management, higher wash temperature and easier drying.


Pressure sore prevention clinical guidelines: 2014 International Pressure Sore advisory guidelines 1

Recommend that consideration be given to the control of moisture and temperature when selecting a support surface and covers.


CoolOver TR3® and microclimate

Knitting our hydrophobic yarn with a progressively dense knit from inside to out helps to drive moisture away from the skin and disperse it across the outer surface of the fabric. This superior wicking keeps the skin drier while enhancing evaporative cooling of the fabric so cooling the Omnitherm Microcapsules which in turn can absorb more body heat.

CoolOver TR3® on your pillow

Not only is Coolover available for sheets and covers, it is now used as the standard liner in our soft knee blocks and the facing of our bracket pads as well as in our Airmantle.


Omnitherm microcapsules

within the threads of the fabric - Graphic representation

Variable density knit draws moisture to the outer surface - Graphic representation

1National Pressure Advisory Panel, European Pressure Advisory Panel And Pan Pacific Pressure Injury Alliance. Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Clinical Practice Guideline. Emily Haesler (Ed.). Cambridge Media: Osborne Park, Western Australia; 2014.

with CoolOver TR3®

Temperature regulation and microclimate management

Symmetrisleep® Airmantle® moulds to support the body for maximum protection and a good night’s sleep.

It offers a temperature regulating alternative to hollow fibre wadding or foams which can have exactly the opposite effect.

During the night, we regularly rearrange our bedclothes to help maintain a constant body temperature. Airmantle helps those who cannot make these adjustments for themselves; it puts a layer of air around the user allowing perspiration to evaporate so helping to maintain temperature and  improve microclimate.

Use it ‘Coolover’ side up for temperature regulation and better air movement. The base is waterproof, so the mattress beneath is protected. If heavy spillage is likely, use it with the waterproof side uppermost underneath a separate Coolover sheet. Airmantles are also available with a completely wipe-able, waterproof cover and waterproof welded seams.

Unlike foams, Airmantles can be easily washed and dried

If you don’t want to position a head or neck pillow under the Airmantle, but still want the free movement of air, Safetysleep pillows have their own Airmantle type cover. These also provide drainage, protecting the skin from any pooling of saliva.

Symmetrisleep® and Tissue Viability

Symmetrisleep works by spreading the load over a greater surface area and reducing point pressures. Users frequently enjoy a reduction of contracture which also help to reduce loading on areas such as the heel and elbows

Pressure relief: these are typical results- Without the Airmantle, the results are good, with an average pressure when the appropriate cells are deflated of just under 10mmHg with a peak pressure of 58 mmHG.  With a Lowzone overmantle in place the peak was reduced to 27mmHg and the average to 6mm Hg. With an Airmantle in place, we see even better results. See tech (technical- pressure mapping results x 2 for more details).

Pressure sore prevention clinical guidelines: 2014 International Pressure Sore advisory guidelines1 recommend that amongst other things, consideration be given to Shear & Friction, Microclimate & Temperature and Off-loading & Turning. Symmetrisleep can help with all of these.

Shear & Friction: Shear forces are recognised as contributing to tissue breakdown. Symmetrisleep holds you in position and can be used to counter shear forces such as those encountered when sitting up in bed. By maintaining the position, the need to constantly reposition is reduced along with the risk of friction damage.

Microclimate & Temperature: Elevated skin temperature is seen to increase the risk of pressure sores. Skin is also seen to be weaker when wet. Symmetrisleep’s active thermal regulation helps to maintain a more normal skin temperature and class leading wicking helps to keep you dry. Reduction of contracture helps with skin care routines.

Off-loading & Turning: Symmetrisleep can be used to off-load damaged or  “at risk” areas, such as the sacrum, bony prominences, heels and shoulder blades. Symmetrisleep delivers sustainable positioning: the support elements stay in place preventing users rolling back onto the off-loaded tissue. Turning is made easier

with our all in one Symmslyde turning and positioning option

1National Pressure Advisory Panel, European Pressure Advisory Panel And Pan Pacific Pressure Injury Alliance. Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers:Clinical Practice Guideline. Emily Haesler (Ed.). Cambridge Media:Osborne Park, Western Australia; 2014.

Pressure reading with FSA monitor under hips in supine. Decu 3 alternating mattress.

Without overmantle

With overmantle

Symmetrisleep maintains position and stability

Symmetrisleep® and Infection Control

The NEW Symmetrisleep ‘wipedown’ option meets all NHS Infection Control Guidelines.

Designed for easy cleaning when used on a ward or rehabilitation unit, welded’ PU cushions,

pads and overmantles prevent any fluid ingress.

Covers, sheets and velcro can all be laundered at 75°C - HIGHER THAN NHS Standard Infection Control recommendations and can also be tumble dried on a low heat.


  • Complies with BS7175 COMBINATION Fire regulations, Ignition sources 0,1 and 5.
  • Welded seam wipe-down bracket pads, cushions and Airmantle.
  • New glue-free double-sided locking strips can be easily replaced allowing for quick & easy disinfection

While a wash-in additive will very often provide more than satisfactory performance and resistance, some applications inevitably demand a little more. Which is why our fabrics now have SteriTouch antimicrobial protection to keep your system fresher.

A silver-based additive is extruded into the filaments, ensuring even dispersal; the resultant antimicrobial properties remain unaffected by laundering or wear and tear.

Not only does the addition of Steritouch provide excellent, long term protection against bacteria and mould, they also significantly reduce unpleasant odours, meaning the fabrics remain fresher for longer.

Symmetrisleep® Custom Knee Cosy

The person centred, sleep system assessment kit

Young or old, side lying or supine, our comprehensive assessment sets will help you and your clients to select the perfect knee cosy for comfort and hip protection.

Each size set has interchangeable components that model your custom Cosy. Just choose your modules to get the right size and abduction angle and zip them together.

Add Temperature regulating Coolover™ liners for maximum comfort. Rather than struggling with a complex cover, these can be easily removed for washing and different thicknesses of liner can be used to adjust the fit - right now or at any time in the future.

This finished Custom Knee Cosy Monoblok™ was created from the modular assessment kit profile above.

If you want support in supine, add the stabiliser blocks or if you want to use a range of positions, choose the rolling knee block configuration.

Once you have decided on the right modules, just by taking a note of the individual components and the order of assembly, we can configure the finished unit and our CNC cutting machine will cut the pattern for a 1-piece waterproof cover prior to final assembly as a 1 piece Monoblok™.

Modular or Monoblok™? If you want simplicity and easy cleaning a custom built Monoblok™ Knee Cosy is the one to go for. However, if you feel that needs will be changing, then you might consider using the modular elements until ready for the Monoblok™.

Modular Knee Cosy

Modular Knee Cosy in rolling confuguration

“OneHand” Magnetic buckles ‘fly’ together and slide apart

Options include:

  • Coolover™ liners for temperature regulation and skin comfort. 5, 13 and 20mm thick.
  • Locating strap - fits under the mattress and secures the Knee Cosy in place. Uses the “OneHand” buckles.
  • Flexion wedge - lifts the knee and locates the Cosy. Can be used on the Symmetrisleep airmantle or on the top sheet.
  • Foot block - 3 different angles to support the feet.