Sitting well is harder than it looks - we can make it easy

It takes effort to maintain a balanced position - if you can't do that, your chair has to do it for you.

Without proper support you may end up adopting a bad posture, running out of puff, stuck in bed or confined to a wheelchair for the entire day.

It may be that you need just a bit of functional support - it may be that you need something more complex. Either way, with our modular Symmetrikit chair, we can help by providing just the right amount of support for your needs.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and can arrange a free assessment. Call us on 01531 635388 for more information.

As well as providing great support to help you lie back and relax, your Symmetrikit chair can be quickly repositioned to provide support in day to day activities which require more “functional” positions; your chair can quickly be brought up to an upright or forward tilted position for meal times, play or other “tray-work”. The correct position for PEG feeding can be easily achieved.

The free standing table has a generous work surface and can be angled and rotated to suit your needs. It can be quickly removed and folded away.


Our modular design means that anyone can get comfortable in a Symmetrikit chair.  Most clients find that the standard chair can be adjusted to give a high level of comfortable support  for both function and relaxation. If you require a little more personalisation, this can easily be achieved using our standard Core Module and selecting the appropriate arms, back rest and height setting: The same module can cater for a wide range of need from the smaller semi-ambulant client who needs support and easy access, to a larger non-ambulant user with complex needs. Right through the range, the functionality and adjustability of the chairs remains unchanged.

One chair

from 7 years old to 6”4” and 23 stone

Both Kerry and Courtney are using exactly the
same medium module chair. Both have had their chairs adjusted to fit perfectly. What’s more, these settings can be replicated for them exactly,
time and time again.

It’s common knowledge that getting the seating correct will reduce point pressures: Getting the seat depth correct and making sure that as much weight as possible is taken through the leg rest and arm rests are the key steps to redistributing the load. Using tilt in space can spread some of the load onto the back rest. Even if pressure is not the main concern, getting these right will allow for more comfortable long term sitting.

Every aspect of the chair can be easily adjusted for correct fitting, support and growth.

Adjustments include:

  • Seat width and depth
  • Seat height
  • Arm height, angles
  • vertically and laterally
  • Leg length
  • Back rest
  • Leg rest
  • Foot-plate
  • Tilt in space
  • Upper back can fold
  • forward for Kyphotic backs
  • Adjustable wings
  • Whole upper back can be offset
Supportive backs

The SymmetricareTM back

The Symmetricare back is for users who need more supported seating, but need as much support a the Fingerform back offers. Clipping in to our standard back frame, it provides a more secure ‘hug’ with adjustability without complexity.

The FingerformTM back

Fingerform users tend to have a more complex wheelchair or activity chair and cannot tolerate anything less in their ‘relax’ seating.

Individual fingers can be adjusted up and down, in and out, angled, set off to one side and even to pivot. This ability allows one to accurately follow the shape of the spine and support the whole trunk.

Select between 1 and 4 armatures depending on level of lateral support required and chair size.

Temperature control

High temperatures are not good news: they can lead to a reduction in skin integrity: High humidity and damp skin are not only uncomfortable but can contribute to tissue breakdown. High temperatures can also mean increased metabolic demand and further discomfort.  [1]

Our Coolover  cover option uses our Omnitherm® technology to actively manage temperature  and a clever variable Denier knit enances wicking to improve te micro climate.

When skin temperature rises our Omnitherm® microcapsules start to absorb excess body heat and as your body cools, it returns this energy to help to maintain a more even temperature.

Our Omnitherm® Gel cushion offers further reserves of temperature management combined with pressure redistribution.

Options &


  • Tiltrite, Symmetricare and Fingerform backs
  • Standard, narrow & wide seat options
  • 2 & 3 powered or manual operation
  • Table
  • Head rest
  • Pommels
  • 2 point or 4 point posture belt
  • Air permeable chest and groin harnesses
  • Big wheel option
  • Leg stops and Footblocks
  • Range of cushions



24v battery power, tilt, recline, leg angle

24v battery power, tilt and recline only

Head Rest

Table - height and angle adjustable with swivel top

4 x 100mm  castors (2 braked)

Glide wheels - 300mm with single brake

Aero chest and groin hardness

Pommels, leg stops and footblocks

Cushions: Lowzone Contour, Coolover Gel, Lowzone Ramp

Classic or Neo loose cover options

Aero inserts- only available for Suede effect fabrics

Coolover fabric facings- Navy Blue only.

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