ACHEEVA GRADUATE (Learning Station) by Symmetrikit


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Acheevas use Symmetrisleep positioning elements to provide support in supine, prone or side lying.

Students who would otherwise struggle to maintain a functional position can relax and focus on learning and play. Battery adjusted height, back and bed angles enhance communication and interaction. Being off the floor is safer for students and better for staff members’ backs and knees. When a bathroom break is needed, just wheel the Acheeva in there and cut out the hoist transfers: less time fitting slings is more time in class. Adjustable height makes it easy for those who can do a standing transfer.

Optional accessories

  • Support packs help you get the most out of your Acheeva.
  • Choose between the Student and Graduate packs.
  • Bumper packs offer alternative support.
  • Adjustable side and prone tables can be added for extra functionality. Ideal for keyboards, tablets and books. Now with non-slip surface.
  • Reversable Airmantle with the breathable top layer and waterproof PU base, combine comfort and mattress protection.

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