BeMe Configurable Seating System

  • Ultimate level of tailored support to suit individual needs
  • Spec’d to perfection to provide individualised posture, function and comfort without compromise
  • World’s first truly growable contoured cushion to maximise pelvic stability as the child grows and develops
  • Click and switch parts with total ease

Support as Individual as You Are

The infinitely configurable BeMe, is a revolutionary seating system that puts a child’s development and independence at the heart of its design.  Empowering a child to simply BeMe.

Product Overview

As Unique as a Fingerprint

Building on decades of Leckey clinical and design expertise and responding to detailed feedback from therapists and carers, BeMe is a highly personalised seating system available in three sizes and spec’d to perfection.  

Its unique modularity provides superior configurability to fit the exact needs of the child as they change, develop and grow.

BeMe is designed to suit every need with its choice of three seat options: contoured, basic and split, three back supports: basic, moderate and complex and its vast range of accessories.  Regardless of age, size or complexity, BeMe has the perfect match.

BeMe is cleverly designed so that you can configure the right support quickly and easily.  For total ease of use, parts can be effortlessly and intuitively interchanged, while clinical adjustments, including seat depth and back height, can be made while the child is seated. Armrests, femoral guides and pommels can be quickly released making transfers easier than ever.


Posture, Function & Comfort Without Compromise

Features & Benefits

Fabric Options

Size Guide

  Small Medium Large Medium Long Large Long
Seat Depth (mm) 170* - 325 300 - 425 360 - 500 350 - 475 410 - 550
Seat Width Maximum (No Hip Guides) (mm) 275 325 415 325 415
Seat Width Maximum (Contoured) (mm) 250 300 400 300 400
Femoral Width on Split Seat (mm)   90-125 110-160 90-125 110-160
Max User Weight (kg)** 35 50 70 50 70


*170mm-220mm seat depth requires spacer options  

 **System max user weight should be lesser of seat, chassis and backrest

Clinically Focused

Our approach is simple and clinically focused. Through early intervention, childhood and adulthood Leckey’s experienced team of designers and clinicians work together to develop a range of innovative products that meet the clinical needs of the healthcare professionals and the social needs of the user.


Useful Downloads

Leckey BeMe Seat useful downloads.