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Introducing The FROG Walker

Mobility Walker With Seat

Voyar is introducing its FROG assistive walker, a more effective gait training and support solution for users with mobility impairments.


How our Therapeutic Walker Assists Individuals with Mobility Impairments

Many diseases, injuries or birth defects compromise mobility of individuals. First of all Cerebral palsy (CP), with an incidence of 3.6 per 1,000 live births in developed nations. Furthermore, there are neuromuscular disorders, Spina bifida, paralysis and spinal cord injuries. Compromised mobility represents a drastic impact in terms of social interaction and quality of life. Cardiovascular health and bone structure are negatively impacted. Availability of walking aids for mobility training from very young age is important.

But also adults and elderly need walkers. Some might still be affected by above conditions from birth and continue to rely on support for walking. Others have developed mobility impairments with age, for example due to stroke or neurological disorders.


The Solution


FROG addresses fatigue and eliminates the need for frequent assisted transfers when using conventional gait trainers by incorporating a resting seat.


An integrated, patented weight-compensation mechanism enables easy and autonomous transition from sitting to standing and vice versa.


When seated, the compensation mechanism exercises a counter force against the weight of the user, assisting in standing up.


The mechanism provides space for walking and easy access for the next deployment, stabilizing the user in transition from sitting to standing.

Product Features

Control of caster wheels

Caster wheels are independently adjustable in three steps for each swivelling direction and separately for each of the casters; providing the therapist maximum control to balance stability in gait with manoeuvrability. Constraints can be released progressively as the training progresses.

Paediatric walker with seat

The weight compensation mechanism is adjustable to suit the body weight of the child in to provide just the right lift. Folding of the seat is always easy: the force required for folding is independent from the lift force selected. The folding seat can be deployed by the child without assistance.

Body size adjustment

Frog can be adjusted to suit a large variety of body sizes and postures. It can grow with the child, from baby to adolescent. Height and width of the frame can be increased in three steps. Seat and armrest height as well as width can be adjusted in incremental steps via quick locks. Handles can be pivoted to suit different postures.


Anti-reverse bearings are used at the rear wheels preventing involuntary backward movement with the danger of falls. This mechanism ensures confident movement and safety without being compromised in wet conditions as is the case for the conventional break mechanisms found on walkers.


Frog can be easily folded to a flat format in order to fit into the trunks of compact cars and reduced storage space.

Walker Configurations

Base configuration
With lift seat
With armrests
With lift seat & armrests

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