LECKEY Horizon Stander

  • Age4-Adult
  • ComplexityComplex
  • The Horizon is a robust, durable 3-in-1 stander which can be positioned in prone, supine or upright.  And is now available in Size 3.
    The new size 3 has been designed with the larger teen or adult client in mind, with a maximum weight limit of 100kg (220lbs).  In addition to the new maximum weight limit, on the size 3 the hip pad and the distance between the chest laterals have been made wider.  And that's not all....
  • The popularity of the Size 1 and 2's innovative design features have lead us to incorporate them into the new Size 3.  The whole Horizon range therefore continues to enable safe and easy transfer of users using either mobile or tracking hoists, and the individual adjustable chest, hip, knee and footplates provide unsurpassed levels of adjustability for proximal positioning - ideal for more complex users or adults who have not benefitted from standing therapy for some time.
  • Posture & Function

    Research has shown that standing can improve bone density, motor abilities and reduce spasticity, tone and spasms.

      • The pelvis can be de-rotated using the pelvic belt and hip guides, providing alignment over the base of support.
    • As legs and feet are taking the weight of the child, proper support is essential. Independently adjustable footplates ensure feet are positioned so that weight is distributed appropriately.  
    • Technical Overview

      Size 1: Age 4-10 Yrs, 1000-1400mm tall
      Size 2: Age 9-18 Yrs, 1400-1800mm tall
      Size 3
      : Age 14- Adult  1550-1800mm tal




      Size 1:
      Shoulder Height: 820-1150mm  
      Hip Support Height: 450 - 740mm
      Chest Width: 200-300mm

      Size 2:
      Shoulder Height: 1000-1450
      Hip Support Height: 750-950mm
      Chest Width: 240-380mm

      Size 3:
      Shoulder Height:1000-1450mm
      Hip Support Height: 750-1150mm
      Chest Width:340-460mm

      Prone Angle: 0°-90°
      Supine Angle: 0°-90°


      Pelvic Stability

      Pelvic stability is as important in standing as in sitting, because the trunk, head, and legs have to be in alignment in order for standing to be comfortable and therapeutically effective.

        • The pelvis is held in a secure and stable position by the fully adjustable derotation pelvic support belt, pads, or pelvic band regardless of whether in an upright, prone or supine posture. The Horizon derotation belt has been redesigned like the Mygo Stander belt, to give more proprioception and structure under the client's bottom.


        • Supine standing provides an alternative posture for children who need maximum support to hold themselves upright against gravity.

      • Prone standing is clinically recommended for stretching tight muscles and developing head control.

      Trunk and Head Alignment

      As in sitting, trunk and head support contributes to the stability of the pelvis in standing, enhancing arm and hand function, concentration and social interaction.

        • The adjustable chest support and flexible laterals provide trunk support whether prone, supine or upright.

        • Where minimal head support is needed, for example in an upright posture, the flat headrest cushion acts as a posterior prompt to keep the head balanced over the trunk.

      • Where additional support is needed to keep the head in midline, lateral supports can be added to the headrest.