LECKEY Squiggles Seating System


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  • Age1-5
  • ComplexityModerate - Complex
  • The Squiggles Seating System provides postural support for younger children with special needs.
  • Suitable for use as a home chair, school chair or with a buggy base, Squiggles meets all the postural and comfort requirements of a seating system for young children with special needs while still maintaining a fun, colourful design.

  • Posture & Function

  • “Seating systems are aimed at providing an appropriate level of postural support for each child, as well as offering comfort, skin protection and stability to enable daily functional activities to be carried out at home and at school. As postural control is a pre-requisite for most functional tasks, the inability to control posture has a significant effect on function.”

  • Pelvic Stability

  • The most important feature of any seating or mobility system is its ability to support the pelvis in a neutral position. This gives the best possible base of support for trunk and head alignment and arm and hand function.

      • The pelvis is held in a neutral position with the four-point pelvic harness.

      • Squiggles' flexible sacral cushion can be shaped to support the sacrum, further enhancing pelvic stability.

    • A ramped cushion maintains the alignment of the pelvis and thighs, and along with the other pelvic stability features, maintains the neutral position of the pelvis.

    Trunk and Head Alignment

    Trunk and head support contributes to the stability of the pelvis and enhances arm and hand function, concentration and social interaction.

      • When minimal additional trunk support is needed a small chest harness can be attached to the lateral supports.

      • If greater trunk support is needed, a trunk harness can be attached. The shoulder sections can be released separately for upper limb activities.

    • The new shoulder section promotes shoulder protraction, midline positioning of the arms and greater neck and head stability.

    Leg and Foot Positioning

    Unsupported feet can contribute to instability of the pelvis, and therefore the alignment of the trunk and head.

      • An optional pommel assists with alignment of the femurs ensuring a more abducted posture.

    • The height adjustable footplate can be fitted with sandals if an asymmetrical foot position is required.


    The Squiggles seat is designed to help a broader range of children carry out everyday functions at home, in the classroom and out and about.

      • When relaxation or a change of posture is needed, the tilt-in-space offers an easy way to achieve it without disturbing the overall posture.

      • For table top activities or feeding, the large tray also offers additional anterior support.

    • With a range of bases available, the easy to push stroller base is ideal for out and about.

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